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Dragon Age Icons

Icons for the Realm of Dragon Age
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Icons pertaining to the Bioware Game Series "Dragon Age"
Hello all and welcome to dragon_age_icon! A community for posting live journal icons featuring scenes from, or illustrations for, the Bioware RPG Series Dragon Age. The first game in the series, DA: Origins was the winner of Spike TV's VGA for Best RPG of the Year, 2009!

  1. This community is for posting icons fitting livejournal icon standards - 100x100 pixel size max, under 40kb in size, etc., an pertaining to Dragon Age.

  2. If you are posting any more then four icons at a time please use an lj cut tag. Not sure what a cut tag is? Go here to learn more.

  3. Please follow all the rules set forth by the icon makers. It takes a lot of work to make icons, so if someone asks you to follow a few simple rules, please oblige them.

  4. Regarding requests: Minor request posts are permitted. What do I mean by minor? I mean no more than one request per week per person. This community was created for showcasing icons, not for making requests, and I would like to keep that as it's main purpose. All requests should, of course, be Dragon Age related and be placed entirely under an lj cut.

  5. Other graphics such as banners, wallpapers, mood themes, and other Dragon Age graphic art are also permitted, but due to their large size, must be placed under an lj cut tag as well. (Previews are, of course, permitted, but please keep them under 200x300 in size, and clearly mark your post indicating that graphics other then icons are included beneath the cut.)

  6. TAG YOUR POSTS! Information on tagging can be found here.

  7. Regarding other community promotion: As with requests, I will allow a minor amount of community promotion here. The following rules apply: the community you are pimping must be Dragon Age related and each community can only be pimped ONCE. I reserve the right to delete any duplicate entries.

  8. Because the game is rated for mature audiences only, I have this community listed as "Containing Adult Concepts," even so, if your post contains anything overly-graphic in nature, please be sure to indicate it as NSFW somewhere within the post. And please place all NSFW items behind a cut.

  9. Regarding Spoilers! DA2 and the first DLC pack Legacy have been out long enough now, that we are no longer going to be monitoring posts for spoilers. However, when it comes to speculation regarding upcoming DLC or future game releases, please be polite to members who wish to remain spoiler-free, and keep all spoilery icons/graphics/whathaveyou under a cut (and mark appropriately). If we notice any abuse/ignoring of this rule, the mods reserve the right to place the community on moderated status.

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Other Items of Note
  • As always, make sure to give credit where credit is due!

  • Got a Dragon Age related community or website, and want to be an affiliate? Let me know!

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