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Dragon Age Icons

A compilation of icons from the released screenshots of Dragon Age: Inquisition so far. Feel free to use!
(Included 16 icons)
full set: [xxx]
Sep 03 13(no subject)
sailor moon ▹ minako

 photo dragonage_zps64bf816e.png photo tifa_zpsba6d6f02.png photo ss5_zpscbb3f03b.png
o24 persona (3 & 4)
o24 final fantasy (VII, X, XIII-3, XV)
o12 inFAMOUS second son
o24 others (tomb raider 2013, devil may cry, uncharted, beyond; two souls)


103 icons of Maevaris Tilani from "Those Who Speak" and "Until We Sleep."

I don't give a fuck if you use these as bases. Go crazy.
Please credit [community profile] crestfallen if you use these, including if you use them as bases.
Please consider commenting (anon commenting is enabled). If I know what you like, I'll make more of that.


look yourself in the eye and take strength in what you see
dragon age: i ▲ game {alistar; classic}
There are only two images manipulated (technically) for this batch because of laziness, but there are lots of variations between so I hope you enjoy! Leave a comment on the community comment page (or here) of which characters you'd like to see me icon next as I am open to suggestions. c: Otherwise it is probably going to be Alistair and Morrigan only, hahah. (I have not played Dragon Age II yet so I probably will not know who you are talking about if you ask for someone from there.)


variations at rhoecus in this post.
gs. venus djinn. up close and personal

All icons from the Dragon Age II Destiny trailer. The rest can be found here @ [community profile] thefarplane on dreamwidth
Mar 20 12(no subject)
sailor moon ▽  rei

[ 07 ] Dragon Age
[ 20 ] Resonance of fate/End of the Eternity
[ 24 ] Dynasty Warriors
[ 24 ] Vocaloid
[ 12 ] Virtua Fighter
[  47 ] Tekken & Street Fighter
[ 63 ] Uncharted
[ 24 ] Persona 3 & Persona 4
[ i c o n s ]

Nov 16 11(no subject)
sailor moon ▹ minako

o9o final fantasy [type 0, ffvii, ffx, ffiv, the after years, advent children]  + 1 wallpaper + 2 banner
o53 saitn seiya + the lost canvas
o51 dragon age
o26 others [studio ghibli, samurai warriors, kung fu panda]


Oct 17 11(no subject)
[Anders] 8), It IS talking!
Dragon Age II (Mark of the Assassin)
25 icons
- Mostly default M!Hawke
- Carver
- F!Hwake
- Fenris
- Anders
- Varric
- Tallis

Assassin's Creed
36 icons
- Altair
- Malik
- Kadar
- Desmond

Star Trek
13 icons
- Leonard "Bones" McCoy
- Spock
- James Kirk

Team Fortress 2 (Meet the Medic)
29 icons
- Medic
- Demoman
- Scout
- Sniper
- Engineer
- Heavy

Do di do
DA2 Bethany
Two wallpapers based on some fanmixes I made for Dragon Age II.

1 Anders/Hawke
1 Fenris/Hawke


(Find them at my LJ)
Edvard: speak &amp; write with silver luck
As a warning this icon post contains POTENTIAL SPOILERS for the Mark of the Assassin dlc and a few horrible characterswaps from the vanilla game.
(09) Carver
(04) Isabela
(03) Sebastian
(01) Isabela &Sebastian
(02) Isabela & Fenris
(01) Anders
(01) Anders & Fenris
(05) F!Hawke/M!Hawke
(02) Fenris
(02) F!Hawke
(25) Tallis


over here @ rivain
DA2 Bethany
20 Dragon Age II icons;

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

5 Anders
5 Aveline
1 Wesley
3 Bethany
3 Carver
2 Garrett Hawke

Feel free to leave feedback, and always leave credit where it's due. Thanking you muchly!

(Find them at my LJ)
Sep 01 11 - 19 DA icons.
[teen wolf] tattoo
[01] Arashi
[15] Dragon Age 2
[04] Dragon Age: Origins

[01] Left 4 Dead 2
[03] Mass Effect 2
[04] Merlin
[01] Misha Collins
[01] Supernatural
[08] Tiger & Dragon
[04] White Collar

HERE @ werechihuahuas
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